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Sorry I have been out of touch, this is my right humerus, and I am right-handed. I broke it in a fall. It was in a sling because my right shoulder was fractured, so I couldn't catch myself when I fell. In a few weeks I'll be able to catch up on my email and so on.
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Food for thought.
One of the most common sources of conflict and stress for individuals, and certainly for marriages, is money.
Can you believe that? I caught part of the Tavis Smiley show on Friday, September 9, 2005. He had Paul Rodriguez on his show. Paul and Tavis both grew up in the poorest part of east LA. Tavis was talking to Paul about what a wonderful role model he was to kids in his old neighborhood. Paul was being funny, of course, but he was making valid points. He said (I am paraphrasing a bit, because I listened to the show the day before I wrote this), "You've traveled Travis, and I am glad you do the show from here in the hood where we both grew up, but in all your travels, did you ever notice that America is the only country in the world where the poor people are fat?"
Tavis laughed, but took the point. "What you mean is that there are a lot of opportunities in this country, and someone that has enough to get fat, might be able to get ahead?"
"In the third world countries when someone is poor, they look like it. They are starving, skinny, and not healthy."
"And even here in the hood, in east LA, we have poor people too fat to work. In the third world, if you're fat, it means you're wealthy."
"If you're fat in the hood, you are wealthy compared to the poor in third world countries.
They moved on to talk about the community, and Paul, but they made a point I want to make. Almost all MONEY problems in this country are money MANAGEMENT problems. If you are not earning any money and you are physically able to work, you have a motivation problem.
Most people think all of their problems would be gone if they only had more money. A friend of mine has an expression I like. Ron said "Doug, if money makes people happy, why don't we drive up to Memphis and sit on the porch at Graceland and have some tea with Elvis and talk about it?"
I put it a different way. No one ever got shot in the chest, and said "Oh, thank God they missed my wallet!"
More money will not solve your problems.But before spending money when you're looking to buy your drip coffee makere,take a look at this website. Look inside, and stop trying to change what is going on inside by adjusting things on the outside.

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Surêtre français, ou la stupiditê (On being French, or Stupidity):
This needs to be said, again, and again, and again. Jacques Chirac is a tactless, spineless, pompous, and corrupt fool. Well, that's not being fair to the fools, but it as close as I can get without using foul language. The little man-like wonk makes the French look bad, and that my friends takes a some work to improve on. The French do not need any help in the low-self-esteem, poor public image department. Yet, once a week, there is Jacques Chirac, doing his best to put his butt where the face of France should be. Kudos mes amis!
Commentaire : En français D'ailleurs: ceci n'est pas êcrit en allemand. Aucun besoin de dire ne vous remercient. Ingrate.
Anmerkung: Auf Deutsch: Übrigens wird dieses nicht auf Deutsch geschrieben. Keine Notwendigkeit zu sagen danken Ihnen. Ingrate.
(By the way, this is not written in German. No need to say thank you. Ingrate.)

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